Join Robotgram Affiliate Program

Being an Instagram influencer can be hard work. With over 1 billion monthly active users to date, creators like yourself have no shortage of competition when it comes to gaining new followers and building a fanbase that will follow you for years. From crafting the perfect, creative daily post to ensuring you regularly interact with other users, you most likely already spend much of your time using Instagram to grow your personal brand.

So why not get paid for all that hard work?

At Robotgram, we want to make this a possibility for you through the easiest method possible. While we have dedicated endless hours to create the best Instagram automation tool available for growing influencers, we have also crafted an efficient and profitable affiliate program perfect for any influencer with an impressive following.

Ready to join Robotgram’s mission and start making passive income in the process? Read on as we answer some of your questions about our affiliate program and teach you how to get started!

How Does the Program Work?

Our team understands how important it is for Instagram creators to retain their creative vision, which is why our affiliate model gives you ultimate control over how you introduce Robotgram to your viewers. Once you sign up for the program, you will be given a unique coupon code, which you can then share however you see fit, whether through Instagram stories, posts, direct messages, comment sections and more.    

As soon as someone visits our website and purchases our $19.99 subscription using your custom coupon code, we will grant you [Amount]% of that sale! Essentially, the more that you promote Robotgram and your unique coupon code, the more commissions you will earn from the site — making our affiliate program an excellent way to get started making passive income.

How Can I Start Making Affiliate Commissions?

As an Instagram influencer, you have done yourself a favor by already putting in most of the hard work. If you have a large following who regularly visits your profile, there is no limit to the number of affiliate sales you can make with Robotgram; all it takes is some creativity. You can make the most out of our affiliate program by utilizing the following Instagram features:


Posts are primarily the easiest way for you to spread the word about Robotgram to your followers, as even a single mention of your coupon code can earn you hundreds of dollars in passive income.


Don’t want to interrupt your follower’s post feed? A quick mention of your Robotgram coupon code in a story can be a great way to raise awareness about the tool and help you increase your earnings.

Direct Messages

Personal referrals are one of the most effective methods of sales — even if they are digital! If you have a few fellow influencers in your friend group who would benefit from using Robotgram, send them a DM to let them know about what we offer, along with your coupon code.

Ready to join our affiliate program and grow alongside us? Join today!